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Rockport Marine Park

Rockport Marine Park

Rockport Marine Park

Rockport Marine Park
Rockport, ME 04856

2.2 miles from Camden

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Rockport Marine Park - A small harbor park with a unique tribute to Andre the Seal and access to breathtaking sailing cruises

Rockport Marine ParkRockport is one of the small coastal villages you may immediately think of when you picture Maine. Located between Rockland and Camden, Rockport is a relatively remote village on the beautiful shores of Penobscot Bay. Rockport used to be a working harbor but has evolved over time into a community filled with pleasure boats like the famous Timberwind, a 70’ windjammer that moors in Rockport Harbor. The Timberwind (its offices are located at Rockport Marine Park) offers 3 and 4 day cruises on Penobscot Bay and along the coast of Maine. Many people would agree this is one of the most exciting ways to see Maine.

Rockport Marine ParkMany locals and regular tourists are often familiar with the Rockport Marine Park, largely known for its memorial honoring the legendary Andre the Seal. Andre was a harbor seal that spent summers in Rockport Harbor. Professional scuba diver, Harry Goodridge, found Andre in 1961, when the seal was just a pup. Goodridge assumed that the young seal had been abandoned by its mother, named him Andre, and kept him in a floating pen and taught him a wide range of amazing tricks. It was actually these tricks that made him famous. Since Andre was a bit of a handful in the winter (causing a raucous in the harbor), Goodridge shipped the seal to the New England Aquarium in Boston during the winters. When Andre was released in the spring, the seal swam 150 miles north, home to Rockport. Everyone was surprised, yet Andre performed the same trip the next spring, and the next, until Andre’s return home became something of an event. Andre died in 1986. The statue that stands in Rockport Harbor was dedicated to Andre in 1978. He even unveiled it himself.

Rockport Marine ParkRockport Marine Park is also a tribute to the 19th century past of Rockport when it was part of a thriving lime industry. Today visitors can see several old kilns on the waterfront, a set of drawings next to the kilns that details their former functions, as well as a replica of a lime-transporting locomotive. The Rockport Marine Park has one boat launch ramp, picnic tables, benches, outhouses, and several floats. Visitors can fish off the Harbor Master’s dock.

On land at this park, you will be amazed at the fantastic view of this scenic harbor. However, if you want another perspective, get on the water with a variety of daily sailing cruises (ranging from eco tours to gourmet sunset voyages) to take in the beautiful views of Penobscot Bay. Also consider climbing aboard the Schooner Heron for three hours of sailing along Maine’s coast with a lobster roll lunch for just around $55.00. The 65’ Schooner Heron offers three trips out of Rockport Marine Park on a daily basis. For more information, including scheduling and fees, call 207-236-8605.


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