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Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster

Linda Bean's Perfect Maine Lobster Roll

By Linda Bean, founder

When I set about making a lobster roll, I always want to show off the lobster meat to advantage so I use only big chunks of 100% lobster meat, not shredded salad blends. 


Price and value is important.  The reasons some lobster rolls are more pricey than others is the amount and quality of the lobster, the quality of the bread, and whether it is served toasted or not.  I use a full quarter pound of tender sweet claws in a hot butter toasted premium bread roll slit at the top so you can see all that gorgeous lobster Maine meat.


Due to demand I have The Colossal now, which is longer and has more meat -- a full 6 ounces. At our Maine agricultural fairs, a lot of people like the Junior Roll, which is half the size of my Quarterpounder. I have added the Junior Roll to our selections everywhere now.


What makes my lobster roll unique? The bread itself is tasty and not off the grocery shelf -- the roll is custom made for me in Maine in both white and whole wheat. The dressing, applied lightly, has a complex of herbs I mix myself and add lightly to complement the unique flavor of the lobster meat. This proprietary blend for "moon dusting" (because I mix it by moonlight, about the only time left in my day) also makes it unique.


Our roll is always served butter toasted on the outside and steaming soft on the inside. I use high quality butter made in Maine, including award winning Kate's Maine Butter from Old Orchard and Oakhurst butter headquartered in Portland..  


These aspects of quality, flavor and mouth feel are other reasons why our lobster roll is likely to stir your primal senses! Always served in a basket with crunchy kettle chips, cole slaw and bread 'n butter pickles, you get a full satisfying meal at a fraction of the price of a white table cloth restaurant lobster.


Remember: sandwiches can be quickly cheapened with substitutes like celery fillers and foreign fish. I don't take up any space with those - our Maine lobstermen don't need me to be selling celery or Canadian processed lobstermeat! Insist on no substitutes. With my roll you get Maine lobster - from Maine waters - brought to you by Maine fishermen - and prepared in Rockland, Maine - by Maine workers.

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